Earth Zero


Lance Walker was an American archaelogist who happened to stumble upon an abandoned, hidden base of an alien species called Mato'Nai in 1927 and was chosen by the facility's sentient computer to become "The Walker" - an involuntary time traveler who is hurled back- and forward through time and space to places of special historical significance in order to "put right what once went wrong" in the multiverse.

In the majority of cases he can't control when and where he will end up, but sometimes he is able to willingly travel into times or to places he already visited before. While he remembers his last name and how he became a time traveler, most of his past is a blur to him. In return he appears to have a vast knowledge about the past and the future of every alternate reality he shows up in. He knows exactly what originally should have transpired in the history of that world, and what change has to be done in a specific time to "correct" the course of events


  • Powers & Abilities

    The Walker has the hard-to-control power to travel forward and backward in time, as well as the mostly subconscious ability to detect and activate nearby "crannies" - naturally occuring weak spots in the fabric of reality which can be, amongst others, transformed into rifts through the space-time continuum (multiverse) that in turn can be used to travel into parallel worlds like that of "Earth Omega".

    The Walker is also able to see possible futures that will result from certain events and actions people make and sense threats to the timeline which automatically pulls him to the corresponding point of time in order to take steps that counter these threats.

    But his most irritating ability is to sense the presence of mutations in the genetic code of person's in close proximity to himself and to jump-start those peoples latent superhuman powers.

  • Origin Story

    March 21, 1927 – 05:30:00 (UTC-5)
    Caral, Peru (124 miles north of Lima in the valley of Rio Supe)

    Professor Lance Walker, an archaeologist with a penchant for adventures like so many other colleagues of him in this time, lived for several months alone in a camp on the edge of an excavation site, which he had accidentally discovered some time ago and whose age he carefully dated to about 5000 years after some finds dating back to early history - to a period known for some of the most famous centers of origin of human civilization such as Mesopotamia, Egypt and India.

    With the help of some locals he had exposed the last of the six shallow pyramidal elevations within an area of more than 60 hectares the day before, the largest of them covering nearly the size of four football fields and being 60 feet tall, and after another long evening of studying the artifacts that he had found he had gone to bed late.

    The sun had not yet risen when he was pulled out of the sleep, he had just recently fallen into, by a slight shaking of the earth which was extremely unusual for this area. When he stumbled drowsy out of his tent he saw amazed at how suddenly a huge pillar of light shot up from the largest of the six pyramids several miles into the sky and immediately went out again.

    Fascinated by the phenomenon the archaeologist followed it to its source and discovered, between the two 11.5 feet high monoliths of granite at the entrance of the pyramid, an opening in the ground which was not previously available and which also revealed a stone staircase that seemingly led deep below the earth underneath the pyramid.

    Armed only with an old Colt .45, which he had pocketed almost unwitting as usual, he curiously descended the stairs and found himself in a vast underground vault a short time later, where he detected Maya symbols on the walls in the dim light of his torch, which were to his amazement sided by more characters of Egyptian hieroglyphs and Norman runes.

    Surprised by the unexpected discovery it took him several minutes before he noticed the faint beeping, that seemed to come from the rear of the temple-like space in a steady rhythm. Just then, as he turned to this noise, the room suddenly brightened and gave a glimpse of his inner free, which dealt Walker with a further severe shock.

    At the other end of the vault he saw a huge technological apparatus that was - despite its apparent age of several thousand years - set into operation as if by an invisible hand and a bright red light started to flash in its middle in the same rhythm as the now very loud beeping noise.

    Although he could not see the purpose of the computer consoles, since such devices were completely unknown in this time, Walker approached them and noticed a glowing screen with symbols unfamiliar to him.

    At the very same moment he touched the monitor a loud mechanical voice sounded from hidden speakers in a strange language that seemed to repeat the same phrase over and over again.

    "Cor’Ryi Talho Sti Ut! Nii Yaro Sabe."
    "Cor’Ryi Talho Sti Ut! Nii Yaro Sabe."
    "Cor’Ryi Talho Sti Ut! Nii Yaro Sabe."
    "Cor’Ryi Talho Sti Ut! Nii Yaro Sabe."

    Startled by the voice the man let out a cry for the first time since he entered the catacombs:
    "What the hell is going on here?“

    The answer came promptly:
    "Language recognized as English. Translating..."
    "Stellar constellation consistent with calculation detected. Voice input expected..."

    "What does that mean? Who are you? And what the hell is this?!"

    "Answer to question 1: Question redundant, as answered itself by voice input."
    "Answer to question 2: System designation is 5M4R7-455."
    "Answer to question 3: Research facility Cor’Bei."

    "I don't understand a word. Which stellar constellation and what it's all about?"

    "Answer to question 1: Stellar constellation NCC-1701-C marks the time of the original chronal origin of the creators of this unit."
    "Answer to question 2: Stellar constellation NCC-1701-C allows measures to theoretical return the creators of this unit to their original physical origin."

    "Chronal origin? I don't know what that means. And who the heck are these creators?"

    "Answer to question 1: Chronal origin: The time from which the creators come."
    "Answer to question 2: The native name of the creators is Mato'Nai."

    "Somehow we have not made any progress here. Each of your answers raises new questions for me. Let's try it a different way: What do you want from me?"

    "Subject meets the requirements for Harbinger protocol. Awaiting instructions on how to proceed…"

    "Harbinger protocol? What's that supposed to be now? Explain it to me."

    "Instructions accepted. Explanation will be made by demonstration. Starting procedure…"

    "Wait. What? No!"

    Before he was able to react to the unexpected response, a man-high glass cylinder lowered with great speed from the ceiling above him, locked him in, and was filled with vapors, letting Walker lose consciousness.

    Shortly thereafter, the air around the man began to shimmer, the air pressure in the room dropped rapidly and the lights began to flicker. At the same moment as a high-pitched indefinable screeching started the contours of the man began to blur and suddenly he vanished literally into thin air, leaving behind just a vacuum in the air that dissolved with a strong pressure wave, which in turn shattered the glass cylinder ...


    (The event ends with a time-lapse setting that shows how the excavation site and the camp is covered by sand and soil, until all traces of Lance Walker's presence were completely destroyed.)

The Walker is my own copyrighted creation and an original character concept.
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