Earth Zero


The members of „The First“ are descended from long bloodlines of proud native american warriors with supernatural powers which they kept hidden from the outside world for generations in fear of even more reprisal by the invaders who already commited genocide to the indigenous people of America just to steal their land - imagine what those god-fearing zealots would have done if they had known that there existed „heathens“ with „unearthly“ abilites. The Wounded Knee Massacre of 1890 would have seem like a banter in comparison...

In modern times, when more and more metahumans outed themselves to the public, several of these „first metahumans“ from different tribes eventually gathered and decided to team up in order to protect all native american tribes and their respective territories or reservations against both outside and inside threats.


Jason Firewalker


Sam Longshadow


William Nightraven

Running Wolf

Joseph Running Wolf


Michael Spirithunter

Standing Bear

Charles Standing Bear


Thomas Thundertalker

Important Note:

While creating these characters I tried to avoid typical sterotypes, but there may be still be people asking the legitimate question why some of them wear feathers and warpaint and run around half naked. Well, my opinion is that every good superhero wears a costume of some sort and what kind of costume would a proud native american superhero wear? I think it would be traditional things like exactly those feathers and warpaint. I hope you agree with my logic...

The characters introduced on this web page are my own copyrighted creations and original character concepts.
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