Earth Ω


When the defeated Harvester fled from earth, they left behind about 240 aliens from 19 different enslaved species who now were homeless and viewed by humans with some mistrust. Together those alien refugees founded in the center of terraformed Greenland a sanctuary for all stranded aliens as well as the surviving original inhabitants and called their city "New Eden".

But for some of those aliens having a new (patchwork) home wasn't enough. They wanted revenge for the years of brutal enslavement and the devastation of their civilisations through the Harvester.

It was the human / alien hybrid Hunter Grimaldi (aka Grim Hunter) who eventually managed to salvage and repair one of the Harvester's smaller Destroyer Spaceships and gathered a team of fearless and vengeful warriors who made it their life mission to hunt down every last survivng member of the Croa'to'an - with any means necessary ...


Real Name: Atto'Jay Tujas
Species: Delphians

Grim Hunter

Real Name: Hunter Grimaldi
Species: human/alien hybrid


Real Name: Vhag'torn Da'adh
Species: Apo'eshi

Little Green Man (LGM)

Real Name: A'haz Tul'san
Species: Marusian


Real Name: M4N807
Species: Synthadroid

She Wolf

Real Name: Thi Ra'ag
Species: Eza Tem


Real Name: Sliyab Z'kai
Species: Oo'kuna


Real Name: Tesha'ar Yaqan
Species: H'oth

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