Earth Zero


3,100 years ago the Mato'Nai genetically engineered two human subspecies, one of them the almost immortal „Nai'vil“ with shapeshifting abilities and astonishing superhuman powers which were worshiped as gods by the baseline humans all over the world. But over time those „gods“ became more and more ruthless in their interactions with humans and their excessive cultural influence grew so out of proportion that the Mato'Nai were eventually forced to detain them on a remote island and cloak this island, called "At'Luan", with a technological forcefield from the rest of the world. An event which became the base of many legends about a lost continent by the name of Atlantis.

For thousands of years the existence of these „gods“ faded into obscurity, only to be remembered by the outside world as figures of mythological legends and folk tales, which were enriched with new stories about supernatural creatures such as werwolves and vampires every time one of the Nai'vil managed to visit the outside world.

That was until the early 1940s, during World War Two, when one especially powerful family of Nai'vil - once known as the greek pantheon of gods - managed to escape their prison for good after an exploding german battleship temporarily weakened the forcefield around the island. Over the following decades, hiding between humans, these people built themselves a new existence in New York and became a wealthy and very influential industrialist family.

Now, in the 21st century, those former „gods“ are the heads of the EOS Corporation - one of the largest industrial conglomerates with countless subsidiaries all around the world, which generates billions of dollars in profits each year in an abundance of business areas, and was, at least in parts, secretely responsible for the events that led to the emergence of the first modern day metahumans, the revealment of At'Luan‘s true existence, and the exposure of the Nai'vil, Grimms, and Corya'Nai to the public.


Goddess of love, beauty and desire.



God of music, light, inspiration, and medicine.


God of war.



Goddess of the hunt and the moon.



Goddess of wisdom, war, arts and crafts.


God of the dead and the underworld.



God of fire, the forge, smiths and metalworking, and the weapons-maker of the gods.


Goddess of women, marriage and fidelity.


God of strength and labors.



God of speed, travel, and thieves.



God of the sea, storm and earthquakes.



God of sky, thunder and lightning. Monarch of the Olympian gods.

The characters introduced on this web page are my reinterpretation/modernization of mythological figures which are free for use to everyone. The versions presented here are however my own copyrighted creations and original character concepts.
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