Earth Ω

New World Order

After World War Ω (Omega), in which whole swathes of land were ravaged through terraforming or even completely destroyed in fierce battles and a number of governments collapsed, the borders of many countries had to be redefined. While some countries moved closer together and made ​​new political and military alliances, other former superpowers lost large areas of their lands when they formed new governments.

The World of 2020

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The Un-United States of America

usa States controlled by the U.S. government

nomansland dakota texas sanangeles california States detached from the USA

terraformed Terraformed Areas (Badlands)

outfits Places of special interest

hotspots Places where Harvester spaceships crash-landed

  • terraformed Alaska Badlands

    Uninhabitable for humans.

    In an attempt to reshape large areas of earth into the image of their own homeworlds, the Harvester terraformed Alaska for Tk'lk habitation. This converting process included everything from reshaping the landscape to introducing entirely new species of alien plant and animal life. Due to its new highly acidic atmosphere and extremely hostile ecosystem Alaska now is inhabitable for humans without protective gear.

  • california California Republic

    Declared state independence.

    Ruled by a kind of "Council of Elders" consisting of artists, scientists and philosophers.

  • dakota Dakota Territory

    Declared state independence.

    When the nuclear missiles detonated in neighboring Montana, both North and South Dakota were hit hardest by the resulting electromagnetic pulses. The whole technology in both areas died down and consequently the entire industrial, political and social infrastructure of both states collapsed, leaving them to descend into anarchy. Local "governors" managed to uphold a territorial legislature and a basic judicial system, and eventually formed a new government that declared its independence from the United States, but the new united "Dakota Territory" is in fact for the most part a lawless "steampunk wild west".

  • nomansland No Man's Land

    Abandoned by the US government.

    The now post-apocalyptic, militia-controlled former U.S. state of Montana was almost completely destroyed and depopulated in a nuclear fallout shortly after the first attack of the Harvester, when several nuclear missiles, which were aimed at the alien warships, detonated in their silos.

  • texas Republic of Texas

    Declared state independence.

    Controlled by oil companies.

  • sanangeles San Angeles

    Declared state independence.

    Due to the biggest earthquake in history along the San Andreas Fault that was triggered by the terraforming experiments of the Harvester, the area that included the cities of Santa Barbara, Los Angeles and San Diego had become an island separated from the California mainland by an abyss similar to the Grand Canyon. From the ruins of these now isolated cities eventually rose the new mega city state of San Angeles, which had become a totalitarian police state.

  • outfits Area Zero

    Roswell, New Mexico

    Secret army military base

  • outfits Area 51 (Neverneverland)

    Groom Lake, Nevada

    An underground research facility that was built 1943 deep in the Nevada desert. Serves since 1947 as testing ground for newly developed equipment, air crafts and weapons based on reverse engineered alien technology.

  • outfits Blackgate

    Everglades, Florida

    When in 2012 the Harvester spaceships appeared in Earth's atmosphere, a strange object, that had been storaged in a warehouse on a secret army military base referred to as "Area Zero" since the late 1940's, was suddenly activated and formed multiple tiny wormholes in it's vicinity before it could be shut down. According to the warehouse files the object was of alien origin and had been part of the wreckage that was found in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947.

    Soon after the victory over the Harvester, the army started to investigate the alien object and founded a research operation under the codename "Project Blackgate" which finally managed to create a functioning wormhole generator, with which one could penetrate into alternative or parallel realities and dimensions. This in turn led to the creation of a new top-secret government agency called S.H.A.R.D. (Surveillance Headquarters for Alternate Realities & Dimensions), under whose direction the newly discovered realities should be researched and cataloged by a team of military personnel with both superhuman abilities and expertise in different fields of scientific knowledge.

  • outfits The Citadel

    Central Park, Manhattan, New York City

    An almost fully functional spacecraft of the Harvester which crashlanded in the Central Park and was later converted into a building that houses among others the headquarters of T.O.U.C.H.S.T.O.N.E. (Tactical Operations Unit for Crises in Homeland Security, Threat Oberservation and Network Espionage) and S.H.A.D.O.W. (Strategic Homeland Agency for Defense Operations Worldwide).

  • outfits Hellhole

    The former city of Detroit, Michigan

    In 2015, social problems such as violence, drugs and organized crime had overrun the entire area of Detroit. Unable to control the crime, the U.S. government constructed a colossal containment wall topped by barbed tape around the whole city to protect the rest of the country and declared Detroit a maximum security prison. The last remaining non-criminal inhabitants within has now to survive without education, proper utilities or police protection in a city that is flooded with hard drugs and completely controlled by gangsters.

  • outfits The Hole

    Yukon Territory, Alaska

    Located in the center of the Alaska Badlands, the Hole is one of the worlds four specialized, immense maximum security prisons for meta-human criminals with a separate wing for extraterrestrial prisoners. The whole complex is actually deep underground, with a cabin at the surface as cover.

  • outfits The Rock

    Alcatraz, San Francisco, California

    Home of the intergovernmental organization M.I.S.F.I.T.S. (Metahuman Intervention & Support Facility with Integrated Training School).

  • outfits Space City

    Houston, Texas

    Being home to NASA's Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center for human spaceflight training, research, and flight control, Houston was one of the first cities to be completely leveled to the ground when the Harvester attacked earth. After the war against the invaders Houston was rebuilt under the name "Space City" as the new capital city of the now independent "Republic of Texas" around one of the crash-landed warships and using the captured superior alien technology it soon became one of the modernest and futuristic metropolises of the world.

Canada & Quebéc

canada Districts controlled by the Canadian government

amerika Districts detached from Canada

terraformed Terraformed Areas (Badlands)

outfits Places of special interest

hotspots Places where Harvester spaceships have crashed

  • amerika Quebéc

    Has become detached from the rest of Canada and declared its independence

  • outfits Winterstation

    Ellesmere Island, Nunavut/Kanada

    A giant alien installation from which among other things the terraforming of Greenland was controlled. Today home to several Canadian authorities.


terraformed Terraformed Areas (Badlands)

outfits New Eden (Greenland National Park)

When the defeated Harvester fled from earth, they left behind about 240 aliens from 19 different species which have been enslaved by the Harvester shortly before they destroyed their planets.

Homeless stranded on an alien world and viewed by humans with some mistrust, those last survivors of their species fled to Greenland, which has previously been transformed through terraforming in a wild, bizarre jungle world full of new and dangerous life forms. Surrounded by hostile landscapes the refugees founded a city, which serves as a sanctuary for both aliens and humans who live next to and with each other and have to stick together in order to survive.

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