Earth Zero


After being shipwrecked on earth over 65 million years ago, the Mato'Nai decided to bridge the time until a possible return to their homeworld in cryogenic stasis with only a few of them staying awake to watch the sleeps of their brothers and sisters and study this strange new world.

In need of powerful guardians that would protect them and their new home on a hidden island against unforeseeable threats of any kind, the remaining Mato'Nai started their studies of earth by conducting genetic experiments on the dominant lifeforms of that time and eventually created a new species of evolutionary advanced, intelligent and humanoid dinosaurs.

This first new species called "The Risen" should be followed by five mutated human tribes in the course of time, all of which were later worshiped and feared by humans as gods and demons.

The Risen (Saurus Erectus)

Chosen to be the protectors of their creators home, the Risen are always prepared to fight against intruders or any other peril from the outside world, but in their hearts they are actually a very kind and hospitable species - as long as you're invited and unarmed. They share their untamed home with an abundance of otherwise extinct prehistoric species and leave it rarely, because when they do people usually notice.

  • Traits, Powers & Abilities

    The Risen have varying biological makeups and abilites relative to the dinosaur species they're descended from.

  • Language

    While they speak a great many human languages, the native language of the Risen isn't anything like what we know. They communicate with each other by means of a high range of low-frequency, high-pitched and deep-bass vocal sounds as well as elaborate "signing" gestures.

  • Miscellaneous

    Habitat: An Island with a self-contained ecosystem inside a strong energy force field.
    Gravity: Lower than earth standard
    Atmosphere: Earth standard with more CO2 and less O2 in the air
    Population: About 200
    Type of Government: Tribal Leader
    Level of Technology: Advanced
    Cultural Traits: Tribal, hunter-gatherer

The Corya'nai (Homo Denisovan)

40.000 years ago, the Mato'Nai experimented on a tribe of neanderthals that lived in southern Siberia in the Altai Mountains by splicing their own genes into those people's genetic code. These genetic experiments split the group of Homo Neanderthalensis into two new subspecies: The extremely intelligent and long-living "Homo Neanderthalensis Vivax" and the quickly evolving "Homo Denisovan". The Denisovans evolution finally progressed so rapidly over just a few decades that they soon developed a highly advanced culture as the "Corya'Nai" (Children of the Star Gods) and outperformed their cousins, the modern Homo Sapiens Sapiens, by centuries.

In order not to jeopardize the natural evolution of the remaining human species, the Corya'Nai were eventually resettled by the Mato'Nai to a large uninhabited island north of the Azores. This island, called by its inhabitants "At'Luan" (Home of the Forgotten), was centuries later surrounded by a forcefield that hid it from the eyes of the rest of the world, which in turn became the base of many legends about a lost continent by the name of Atlantis...

  • Biology

    Anatomy: The Corya'nai are very similar to the homo sapiens (actually their DNA matches with ours to 99.5%) and they differ from them externally only by small things, such as skin and hair color.

    Crossbreeding: As the Corya'nai are simply a subspecies of the species Homo, crossbreeding is necessarily possible between them.

  • Powers & Abilities

    The Corya'Nai are physically, emotionally, and mentally in complete synch with their environment and can sense the overall well-being and conditions of nature itself. This includes not just biomes like forests, deserts, tundras, wetlands, mountains, etc but also the animals and humans living in them. The Corya'Nai can feel, when predator catch their prey in a nearby forest or when a tree falls in it and are able to detect natural changes (raise in temperature, humidity, etc).

    Due to this psychic sensitivity to nature they are moreover capable to channel the mystic lifeforce of the planet into magic energy, which they can - amongst others - use to control and create the basic elements of nature.

  • Language

    The native language of the Corya'Nai is derived from that of the Mato'Nai and an agglutinative language, meaning the root words are not inflected (bent). The basic grammatical units do not consist of single words, but word complexes, which usually retain their independent structure.

    The sound inventory has five vowels (a, e, i, o, u) and 15 consonants b, c and ch (like k), d, g, h, l, m, n, r, s , t, v, y (as j), z and sh (as sch) whose respective length is phonological very relevant. Most root words consist of only one or two syllables. It is also important to take note when pronouncing that two consecutive vowels are not connected to a double sound, but treated independently.


    At = lost, forgotten
    Cor = stars
    Hem = human/s
    Luan = home (pronounced: lu-an)
    Nai = child/ren (pronounced: na-i)
    Noi = matured in sense of "adult" (pronounced: no-i)
    vil = powerful
    Tis = new
    Torr = defender/warrior
    Ya = god/s

    Individual root words can be connected to polysyllabic words. Words that are of great importance can become sovereign root words. Most nouns are compound words, whereby individual vowels or consonants can disappear. The emphasis is usually on the last syllable.


    At = lost, forgotten
    At'luan = Home of the Forgotten (pronounced: at-lu-an)
    Atluan'tis = New Home of the Forgotten
    Cor'ya = Gods from the Stars or shortened: Star Gods
    Corya'nai = Children of the Star Gods or shortened: Starchildren (pronounced: cor-ya-na-i)
    Corya'torr = Warriors of the Star Gods
    Nai'vil = Powerful Children (origin of the word "nephilim" - pronounced: na-i-vil)

    The language of the Corya'nai and Nai'vil has four grammatical genders (Type I, Type II, Type III and neuter), but no clear distinction between singular and plural. Abstract concepts are formed with "Da" like Da'Em in the meaning of "humanity" or Da'Nui for "childhood".

  • Miscellaneous

    Habitat: The forrest that covers 65% of the cloaked island north of the Azores
    Gravity: Earth standard
    Atmosphere: Earth standard
    Population: About 700
    Type of Government: Tribal Leader
    Level of Technology: Highly advanced but rarely used
    Cultural Traits: Tribal

The Vivax (Homo Neanderthalensis Vivax)

Genetically engineered from a group of Homo Neanderthalensis at the same time as their cousins, the Corya'nai, the Vivax became an extremely long-living human subspecies with a highly developed brain that provides them the with an average intelligence quotient way above 300 while still retaining their primitive Neanderthal instincts.

Nobody knows what happened to the Vivax after their "ascension" since they rebelled ageinst their creators and went in hiding shortly afterwards, never to be seen again for the following millenias besides a few alleged sightings by people who thought they where the notorious "Bigfoot", "Yeti" or "Sasquatch".

  • Biology

    Anatomy: According to few and far between reports, the Vivax have still the same physical attributes as their immediate ancestors, the Neanderthals. Their anatomy differs from Homo Sapiens in that they have a more robust build, shorter limb proportions, a wider, barrel-shaped rib cage, a reduced chin and, perhaps most notably, a large nose, which is much larger in both length and width than in modern humans, and starts somewhat higher on the face.
    While they are comparable in height, they are much stronger than the Homo Sapiens, with particularly strong arms and hands. Owing to larger eye sockets and larger areas of their more asymmetric brain devoted to vision, their eyesight is better than that of modern humans. Even though Vivax and Homo Sapiens brains are the same size at birth, by adulthood the Vivax brain is way larger than the modern human brain.

    Crossbreeding: As the Vivax are simply a deviant of the species Homo Neanderthalensis and the fact that the genomes of modern humans and Neanderthals are at least 99.5% identical, crossbreeding is necessarily possible between them.

The Grimms (Homo Bestialis)

Expending their genetic experiments to the Homo Sapiens, 3,100 years ago the Mato'Nai eventually created two more human subspecies - one of them the "Homo Bestialis" whose genome was enriched with genes from that of several animal species, which granted them varying animalistic traits and abilities superior to both the human and animal kingdom.

Feared as demons and outcasted by the ancient humans due to their otherness, these people lived, along with the higher developed Corya'nai, hidden on the technologically cloaked island "At'Luan" (also known as Atlantis) for thousands of years only remembered by humans in myths, legends and folktales of medieval times founded by rarely visitors to the outside world of that time.

That was until their home was unmasked in modern types and the world learned about their true existence. And due to their resemblance to many characters of the well known Grimms' Fairy Tales, the members of the Homo Bestialis soon became dubbed as "The Grimms".

  • Traits, Powers & Abilities

    The Grimms have varying appearances and abilites depending on the animal genes dominant in their individual genome and many of them possess magical skills which they learned from the Corya'nai.

The Nai'vil (Homo Caelestis)

The second human subspecies that was genetically engineered 3,100 years ago by the Mato'Nai, was that of the "Nai'vil" - an almost immortal race with shapeshifting abilities and astonishing superhuman powers. But while the Grimms were soon feared as demons, the Nai'vil were worshiped by baseline humans all over the world as different pantheons of ancient gods for several hundred years until their growing influence on the cultural progress of the „normal“ humans and their more and more ruthless becoming actions eventually led to a conflict with their creators, the Mato'Nai, which ultimately ended in the banishment of both species to the island of "At'Luan" (Home of the Forgotten).

Following this, the island was surrounded by a technological forcefield that cloaked it from the eyes of the rest of the world, which in turn became the base of many legends about a lost continent by the name of Atlantis. For thousands of years only few "Nephilim" and Grimms managed to visit the outside world and promptly became the foundation of many myths, folktales and legends of the medieval times. The rest of the two species faded into obscurity.

When their home was recently unmasked and the world learned about their true existence some of the Nai'vil chose to join the modern world with different agendas ...

  • Powers & Abilities

    All higher evolved Nai'vil are almost immortal in terms of being impossible to die by conventional means, possess superhuman strength, can change their shape into that of other humanoid beings, animals and even objects, and have varying individual supernatural abilites.

  • Biology

    Anatomy: As a subspecies of the Homo Sapiens Sapiens, the Nai'vil are physically indistinguishable to their ancestors and differ from them only through a small set of additional genes that grant them their extraordinary abilities.

    Crossbreeding: As proven by the existence of the half breeds once known as the ancient demigods, crossbreeding has in fact occurred several times.

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