Alphabetical Glossary

A frequently updated alphabetical list of terms and unusual words found on this website with the accompanying definitions.

Area 51 (Earth Ω)

An underground research facility also known as "Neverneverland" that was built 1943 deep in the Nevada desert near Groom Lake. Serves since 1947 as testing ground for newly developed equipment, air crafts and weapons based on reverse engineered alien technology found in a small spacehip that was shot down by the military in close vicinity to the Roswell air force base in New Mexico in June of 1947.

Area Zero (Earth Ω)

A secret underground facility beneath the Roswell air force base in New Mexico, where the corpse of an obviously extraterrestrial humanoid being was studied by a team of scientist from different fields under the direction of Dr. Hayden Creed. After the "Days of Annihilation", Area Zero became the home base of the organized resistance against the alien invaders called "Harvesters". Sometimes it's also referred to as "Area X".

Citadel, The (Earth Ω)

An almost fully functional spacecraft of the Harvester which crashlanded in Manhattans Central Park and was later converted into a building that among others houses several government agencies.


Crannies are dimensional rifts in the space-time continuum caused 65 million years ago on Earth Zero by an exploding warp drive and can be described as "holes" between the worlds of the multiverse that look like cracks on a rock - only that they usually hover detached in midair. They can be found all over the world at mostly isolated locations where "strange things" are reported to happen and allow for transportation between distant places or even between worlds by simply walking into them. While some crannies allow two-way transportation to any point and time someone desires, others only allow for unpredictable one-way trips into other universes.

Normally, there are no ill effects associated with using them, but some crannies are known to cause nausea or even severe sickness and in some cases even instant death, since they can potentially lead travelers into dangerous situations such as falling in an active volcano or ending up in a world without atmosphere.


A futuristic city on the cloaked "Feral Island" build by an alien species called Mato'nai.

Feral Island

An island in the center of the infamous Bermuda triangle that is surrounded with a strong energy force field which puts the whole island out of sync with the fabric of reality. Invisible to the outside world and causing distortions and anomalies in its surrounding area, this artificial biosphere with a self-contained ecosystem became a nexus of realities and thus contemporaneously takes up the same place on every parallel earth of the multiverse at the same time.


"Gifted" are people who have at least one ancestor from one of the human subspecies created by the Mato'nai and thus were born with the alien gene sequence called "Xenogene", which - once activated - unlocks their full genetic potential and empowers them with extraordinairy superhuman abilites.


The Multiverse, also referred to as "Meta-universe", "Many-Worlds", "Omniverse", "Quantum Multiverse" and others, is the collection of an infinite number of possible self-contained separate universes (including the one we live in) co-existing with each other and separated from each other by a single quantum event. Together they comprise everything that exists: the entirety of space, time, matter, and energy as well as the physical laws and constants that describe them.

The quantum multiverse can be described as a many-branched tree, wherein every possible quantum outcome is realised. This means that everything that could possibly have happened in our past, but did not, has occurred in the past of some other universe or universes and all possible alternate histories and futures are real, each representing an actual "world" (or "universe").

Creating a new universe every time a diversion in events occurs (for example by a major decision of a person that has great influence on its world), the multiverse as a whole is stretching (and will continue doing so forever) and contains every mathematically possible universe under different laws of physics and thus a legion of different versions of Earth in various times, histories, and occasionally, sizes.

The various universes within the multiverse are also called "parallel universes" or "alternate universes", "quantum universes", "interpenetrating dimensions", "parallel dimensions", "parallel worlds", "alternate realities", and "dimensional planes", among other names. But while an "alternative reality" is more or less a variant of our own reality, a "parallel universe" has no relationship with our own universe and can have entirely different laws of nature, allowing magical phenomena of some sort on some planes. Also, sometimes a new universe is born due to interferences in the timestream such as time traveling in which case this new universe is referred to as an "alternate timeline".


Contrary to the "Gifted", who are born with an alien gene sequence that gives them natural genetic based superhuman abilites, "Mutates" are either genetically-engineered or attain their superpowers artificially through advanced technology, magic, or exposure to mutagenic agents that alters their physical characteristic such as nuclear radiation, chemicals, or toxic waste.

San Angeles (Earth Ω)

Due to the biggest earthquake in history along the San Andreas Fault that was triggered by the terraforming experiments of the Harvester, the area that included the cities of Santa Barbara, Los Angeles and San Diego had become an island separated from the California mainland by an abyss similar to the Grand Canyon. From the ruins of these now isolated cities eventually rose the new mega city state of San Angeles, which had become a totalitarian police state.

Note: Similar concepts were featured in the movies Blade Runner, Demolition Man, Double Dragon and in many other sources. Thus I consider it fair game ... ;)


Actually a gene sequence rather than a single gene, the Xenogene is responsible for the 0.5% difference between humans and the alien species known as the Mato'nai and can also be found dormant in individuals with human subspecies lineage (Grimms, Nai'vil, etc.) - the so-called "Gifted". It exists both on Earth Ω and Earth Zero and was discovered in each reality by scientists who managed to artificially activate it and were subsequently individually responsible for the increased emergence of superpowered metahumans in their respective world.

Once activated in humans, the Xenogene unlocks their full genetic potential and causes variable mutations that can be benign or malignant - ranging from little physical mutations like blue skin pigmentation to drastically modified physiology to vast reality manipulation capabilities, whereby it has become apparent that a correlation between the personality traits of individuals and their genetic mutations exists.

The Xenogene can be activated artificially (for example by radiation or a medical/genetic treatments) as well as naturally by both emotional stress (fear, pain, etc.) and physical traumas such as hunger and starvation. And although most "Gifted" mutations are activated in adulthood, the age of the affected individual seems to be immaterial. Some "Gifted" are activated at birth and others, in very rare cases, even in the womb.

Familial power similarities are often passed from parents to their children, who thus most often have very similar, exact duplicates, or advanced versions of one or both parents' powers. This of course also means that similar powers are very common between siblings. But due to the correlation between the personality and the mutation of a person, powers can also vary widely within a family. Also, some factors like severe diseases and different types of radiation can influence the resulting mutation, temporarily deactivate the Xenogene, or even inhibit it's activation in the first place.

On Earth Ω, prior to the "Awakening" event very few mutations occured and even than most of the time the Xenogene deactivated itself again after the affected persons crisis has passed without them realizing what really happened, but since that event the number of people affected is increasing dramatically and the effects are more permanent. On Earth Zero by contrast a worldwide activation of the Xenogene (the "Awakening") never happened and thus the number of superhumans continues to rise more slowly.

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