Earth Ω


Under the authority and supervision of the United Nations, the Department for Observation of Global Meta Activities (D.O.G.M.A.) monitors the operations of governmental sanctioned superheros across the globe and dispatches their own group "Battle Watch" in case of need to actively intervene in conflict areas or crisis between countries that were triggered or exacerbated by the use of super beings.

"Battle Watch" consists of two teams, each composed of delegates of the G8 (Team Alpha) and the G5 (Team Beta) countries.


Ryan Murphy
(United States of America)


Andrej Iwanowitsch Tomskij
(Russian Federation)


Christoff Theron
(South Africa)


Giuseppe Accietti

Golden Eagle

Ricardo Gonzalez

Johnny Canuck (II)

John Caneaux II

Knockoff (Fān Bǎn)

Zhang Wei (张伟)


François Caillot

Rising Sun (Kyokujitsu)

Toshi Akamura


Jorge Salvador da Silva

Tyger (Baagh)

Rakesh Chaaruchandra

Union Jack

Alister Kenway
(United Kingdom)


Maximilian Steinmeyer

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