Earth Zero

The Walker

Lance Walker was an American archaelogist who happened to stumble upon an abandoned, hidden base of an alien species called Mato'Nai in 1927 and was chosen by the facility's sentient computer to become "The Walker" - an involuntary time traveler who is hurled back- and forward through time and space to places of special historical significance in order to "put right what once went wrong" in the multiverse.

The Mato'Nai

Thrown through time and space by a collapsing wormhole, 65 million years ago a damaged alien spaceship crash lands on prehistoric Earth and causes, amongst others, the third-largest mass extinction in Earth's history and thus the end of the dinosaurs.

Displaced in time by millenias and thus unable to return home, the now on Earth stranded aliens are forced to settle on a remote island and bridge the time until a possible return in cryogenic stasis. Hidden from the rest of the world only a handful of them will stay awake to protect the others and study this new strange world.

The Men In The Shadows

Waking up from a 3 year coma defaced, cripled and paraplegic, Professor Moriarty uses his still superior criminal intellect to start a new secret criminal organisation in New York and become the undisputed king of global crime. 24 years later he takes up the quest for eternal life and stumbles over the work of a german scientist who already had experimented with transplantations some decades earlier. But the "son" of this scientist wasn't willing to let his "fathers" work fall in the wrong hands and confronted Moriarty, who in turn rallied a number of infamous characters from all around the world to help him get possession of Frankenstein's secret files as well as various powerful magical artifacts.

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