Others Earths

Earth SP-1891

In a world where the industrial revolution was altered through the discovery of an ancient nuclear-powered alien starship beneath stonehenge in 1886, history took a dramatic change of course.

Earth WW-2088

In an alternate reality where Germany managed to wrest a stalemate from the allied forces in World War II through several points of divergence to our reality, the city formerly known as New York is occupied by German Troops and surrounded by a wall that separates „New Berlin“ from the rest of the United States of America.

Earth DCMU-668

In 1996 Marvel and DC Comics co-published a series of of twelve comic books under a shared publishing imprint called "Amalgam Comics" in which they merged their characters into new ones - the Amalgam Heroes. But what if that event took place 20 years later? What would those amalgamated heroes look like today?

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