Earth Ω


Captain Adam Sterling was on a secret mission to the dark side of the moon in 1985 when he suddenly disappeared. It was 27 years later when he was found, apparently not aged a day, by another expedition in a hidden alien base on the moon. The story he had to tell was pretty amazing...

The Forgotten

In a world where superheroes were dismissed by common sense as fairy tales and supernatural abilities were believed to exist only in the realm of fiction, a group of masked vigilantes ​​with real super powers made quite a splash with their appearance and the bold statement that they were famous heroes who had fought in the 1940's and 50's until they were captured by a secret government agency only to awake 60 years later in a science lab without knowing what happened to them besides the fact that their powers and bodies were somehow experimented on.

The Croa'to'an

Since devastating their own home planet in a relentless war against each other thousands of years ago, the community of terrifying warriors known as the "Harvester" roam the universe in huge biotechnological spaceships looking for new worlds to conquer and cannibalize like a swarm of locusts, leaving behind uninhabitable wastelands exploit of all resources.

Now they are on their way to earth ...

World War Ω

The Mayans had it prophesied - but what really happened on December 21, 2012 no one would have thought possible. A chain of events set in motion ages ago, eventually culminated in the "Judgement Day" and changed the world forever.

Nothing will be as it once was ...

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