Earth L-24


Mass Indecision used to be one of the best superheroes, but when he accidentally shifted all his mass into his brain he went totally nuts. Since then he hears voices in his head which he thinks come from random objects such as a rock that he always carries around with him. He believes the rock to be possessed by a powerful, almost omnipotent entity from another dimension, called “The Helix”, that chose him as mankinds savior. But it’s hard to convince people that you are the second messiah when you run around muttering random, pointless things like “praise the helix”, “anarchy, not democracy”, “a a a b down a a b a start9, etc. and throwing rocks into people’s faces while shouting “WORSHIP THE ALMIGHTY HELIX!!!”. He still acts as a superhero, alas his bad habit to throw his “helix rock” at friend and foe alike makes teaming up with him a gamble and a half.

Powers & Abilities

Mass Indecision has the ability to distribute his own mass however he likes. This doesn’t mean that he can make himself heavier or lighter, but rather that he is able to decide how his weight of 75 kilograms (165 lbs) is distributed. For example: By shifting his complete mass into his fist, he can smash through thick steel and by shifting it into a single finger, he can pull/hold himself up with it. He can also optimize his every movement to be as efficient as possible – who thus can often seem pointless and random to outside viewers. Unfortunately for everyone, the other day he received instructions from “The Helix” how to concentrate all his mass into one single point and make a (very small) black hole …


Mass Indecision was originally created by Hannah Schmidt (a.k.a.„Linea24“ @ and „Gracethewriterartist“ @ This „re-imagination“ of Mass Indecision is completely based on her backstory of the character for which only she has the copyright. Thanks for letting me work with him! ;)

Mass Indecision is a copyrighted creation and an original character concept by Hannah Schmidt. No use without her permission!
Visualisation realized with HeroMachine3.